Washer Hose Lint Catchers

We are supplying the lint catchers free of charge because they are very effective in keeping our laundry tub drains from clogging and overflowing.
It costs you nothing…but a few minutes of time.
It costs the Board only $1.00/package for each unit’s washer ($68.00/3 months). It will help us save by avoiding costly maintenance calls. ($75-$100/hour)
In order to prevent spraying, please make sure the lint catcher is installed as far down on the hose as possible (to leave room for lint), change your lint catcher when it is blocked with lint, and make sure the zip tie is pulled as tight as possible to prevent the catcher from coming off and blocking the drain.
If you see water on the floor around the laundry tub, please check the lint catchers before initiating a plumbing work order. We have had MANY plumbing calls of water on the floor that turned out to be caused by water spraying from full or improperly installed washer hose lint catchers.

New lint catchers will be delivered quarterly (January, April, July, and October) for your convenience. If you need additional lint catchers before the next distribution, they are available by contacting Shana at AMI Management. You may also purchase them on your own at many stores (the best deal is Dollar Castle on Southfield Road across from Home Depot).

If your laundry tub becomes clogged, please try using the drain snake attached to the laundry tub to remove any lint clog before calling AMI for a work order to unclog the tub. Many times, the issue can be resolved by simply pulling out a chunk of lint (which still costs us at least $75 if a work order is initiated.)

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Willoway Board of Directors and Jim Dafoe,
AMI Community Manager