Do Not Flush

Please help us keep our sewer lines clean and flowing properly by not flushing ANYTHING other than toilet paper down them.
According to the Bloomfield Township sewer workers and the plumb-ing company that came out to fix a major sewer backup in D building, wipes (even the ones that say “flushable”) are a major cause of sewer backups and our pipes were full of them.

“Disposable” wipes
Baby wipes
Cleaning wipes
Face wipes
Feminine care products

Willoway Condo Association was billed $9,606.00 (that’s $132.00/unit) to clean up the major sewer backup in the D building. We ALL need to do our part to prevent these incidents since we ALL pay for this from our monthly association dues.

Thank you for your cooperation.
The WCA Board and Jim Dafoe, AMI Community Manager